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Artwork & Stamp Development

The images here showcase a cross-section of the branding, app UI and ‘stamp’ development which Root Creations tackled for live music check-in app GigStamp. The brief called for a fresh, energetic look that would appeal to music lovers across different genres of music, therefore a broad demographic.

Beyond the initial development work the product has gone on quite a journey of it's own, the team carrying forward some of the ideas we helped evolve. It was a great project to get involved with during the early stages of inception.

GigStamp final design template

GigStamp final stamp design submission

What is GigStamp?

Gigs are special and exciting. Normal check-ins are dull, dull, dull.. GigStamp brings your check-in to life, adding more of the unique live music experience to your social timeline.

Checking in with GigStamp combines eye-catching artwork with your name, the band, venue, date and your own message to create a unique Stamp that looks great on your social media and becomes part of your personal live music history.


GigStamp development logo

Customisable, Iconic Design

The design evolved from addressing many potential varieties of stamp, eventually veering its way back to a more universal and iconic feel that had adaptive qualities.

With a template in place it was easy to visualise the varieties in colour and to make use of the natural ‘real estate’ at the centre of the stamp for photography and custom artwork.

GigStamp iPhone 5 UI development ockups