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5x5x5=creativity - Publication for Print

It is always great to land clients that are both creative and innovative. 5x5x5=creativity is a charity focused mainly on children’s creative development and education. Among other things they place artists for workshops in schools and events. With an emphasis on creative learning, the charity regularly undertakes research which supports their work in education.

It’s been our pleasure to have produced a number of research publications for 5x5x5=creativity in recent years. The design choices are simple - clean and communicative, bright and colourful, in support of the playful imagery on display.

Research book covers

EYP evaluation report

Worcestershire book

Mathamatics book

Conference Programmes

For several years we've been asked by 5x5x5 to design their annual creativity conference programme. The event addresses a broad audience from within the education sector and representatives of the creative arts. The primary topics covered are typically focused around a central theme and this is then reflected in the flyer design.

The commission regularly affords the chance to flex our illustrative and artworking muscles, where stylistically we tend to have a free rein. It is always an enjoyable piece of print to tackle given the subject matter.

5x5x5=creativity conference flyers

5x5x5=creativity parents leaflet

5x5x5=creativity parents leaflet