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Brand Design & Development

When it comes to the development of your brand design or enhancing the identity of your business, we offer design options tailored for all applications. At one stage or another, investing in branding for your business is a must. You can expect Root Creations to deliver awesome creative solutions that will last.

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Brand Design & Development

A successful business delivers exceptional products, services and customer care which satisfy the demands of its target audience. Aside from all the hard work and dedication, what is the glue that ties this activity together? How does a business set itself apart from the competition, stand out in the marketplace and stay on customers’ radar? The answer is simple, considered, sophisticated brand design.

Root Creations understand branding, this means adhering to brand guidelines, developing existing brands or creating entirely new identities. What matters is successfully conveying the core values, ethos and aspirations of your business. Great brand design is about concise communication, consistency, clarity and a positive, memorable experience.

Root Creations drawing board blueprint

Logo & Identity Design

For most businesses, when developing their brand, a logo design is near the top of their priority list because a logo will be seen everywhere, it’s a fundamental element of front-facing brand identity. A definitive logotype or icon and the design decisions made to construct it, will no doubt influence other important and overarching brand developments.

By understanding your business and the vision you have for its future, we get to the beating heart of what makes you stand out. A logo which reflects as much about your vision as it does the characteristics of your business is the building block for a powerful brand image.

Branding Guidelines

Good brand design provides your business and customers with consistency. What ties your brand together should be reflected in your products, services and marketing materials. Be it design elements, typography, colour, textures or associated imagery; a coherent scheme will inform every aspect of your business when reaching out to your audience. A comprehensive brand design solution will incorporate the branding guidelines to roll your identity out.

Your branding needs to be working effectively for your business communications both internally and externally. With any Email, letter, document, invoice, pay slip, presentation or signage - your brand identity should pervade the look and feel of each design layout.